Faraday Future FFZero1 concept car
Faraday Future FFZero1 concept car

Tesla rival electric car company Faraday Future has just revealed its FFZero1 concept car at CES 2016 this evening in Las Vegas. Apparently, the race car looks like the Batmobile as seen in the leaked renders earlier in the day.

Faraday Future just unveiled its FFZero1 concept car

The company claims the FFZero1 concept car to be the “car of concepts” than just a single concept car. Alongside Zero1, Faraday also unveiled variable platform architecture (VPA), which is nothing, but building a base platform for a car once, and then adapting it to different form factors of cars. . For instance, the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 were all built using the same platform in a joint venture. By creating a modular architecture where strings of batteries run along the floor of the car, it’s possible to expand or contract the wheelbase on a whim.

FFZero1 concept carThe single seater race car has a different seating arrangement. The seating position is tilted at 45-degrees, apparently the zero gravity, for a perfect driving angle. Also, the car will pump water and oxygen to the driver’s helmet, which is currently in development phase. The steering wheel has a smartphone built, so you can user your smartphone for navigation, and the car will act as a “digital copilot” by projecting augmented reality visuals on the road ahead.

FFZero1 concept car 2Faraday also promises that its cars will get a package of internet connectivity and sensors making it capable for autonomous driving.

FFZero1 concept car 1Richard Kim calls the FFZero1 concept car, “UFO line” design, which will be the signature of all Faradays future cars. Faraday also revealed it would spend $1 billion to build car manufacturing plant in Northern Las Vegas in the next few weeks and that it has formed an alliance with Chinese electronics company LeTV.