Ferrari has upgraded its California T with an optional Handling Speciale (HS) bundle that brings a bunch of cosmetic upgrades, a new exhaust system and improvised suspension for better handling at higher speeds. For $7,562 bucks (£5,300), the car gets revamped suspension – front springs stiffen by 16 percent and the rears by 19 percent, which the company claims the car’s composure will be improved when driving fast. Also, the dampers will be improved resulting in greater responsiveness when accelerating.

Ferrari California T rear

The gearbox is tuned for faster shifts and the California T now roars louder and sportier than the standard car, thanks to new exhaust unit. Aside, you’ll get some cosmetic enhancements when opting for HS upgrade – the Grigio Ferro Met that offers new color for the grille, rear diffuser, and matte black finish tailpipes as well.

Ferrari will be showcasing the upgraded California T at the Geneva Motor Show in March.