Maserati launched its Snowmaster Experience Lapland Edition 2016 so called winter driving school. This isn’t new for the automakers as many automakers offer winter driving courses each year allowing driving enthusiasts to experience something different on ice tracks.

If you are the one, who is bored of driving on usual roads, you may give it a try. The course is designed to offer you the chance to enhance your skills in car control in typical winter conditions, as irresistible as they are demanding for all motoring enthusiasts.

If you are not able to push through the winter driving program conducted by Bentley and Aston Martin, you can attend this one, as Masrrtati is new to the snowing driving event, though.

So it’s no doubt its classes will be full. It would cost $6,476 for a driver or if you wish to ride along, you need to pay $941. It’s an awesome deal, right?

Maserati’s program takes place in the Swedish province of Lapland, right near the Arctic Circle. The experience lasts four days and kicks off in mid-March.

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