Mercedes-Benz is geared up for the launch of its next generation E-Class luxury sedan at the Detroit Auto Show on January 11, 2016. Mercedes has now officially released the footage captioned “The development of the E-class” on YouTube last Friday.

The video shows how the new tenth generation E-Class saloon put through a various testing phase and extreme weather conditions. The executive-class sedan has been under 48 months of intensive development and testing. The video shows that they employed 1200 prototypes and had test trail of twelve million kilometers. Also, it states that autonomous braking and lane switching features were tested for numerous times and the test trial had undergone in four continents. These features enable a high standard of comfortable, safe driving and enter a new dimension when it comes to relieving the stress on the driver.

Mercedes-benz E-Class testing imagesThere have been many spy shots of the car going undergoing testing but have always been spotted heavily camouflaged. The next-generation E-Class will replace the current model that has been around for nearly five years.

The new E-Class will be positioned at a higher priority in India, as it is a top-seller in its segment. The E-Class coupe was also spied tested several times, which will be the next lineup to be launched after the E-Class sedan.

Here’s it:


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