Rolls-Royce Black Badge Edition

Rolls-Royce has announced the all new eye-catching Black Badge Editions of both the Ghost and Wraith models. Both the models get an aesthetic makeover in addition to the upgraded powertrains.

The Black Badge Edition of Ghost’s Biturbo 6.6-liter V12 mill has been tuned to produce additional 40hp and 60Nm of torque, resulting in net 603 horsepower and 840Nm of torque. Wraith, on the other hand, also received some tweak in terms of torque, and its V12 engine now produces 623 horsepower and 870Nm of torque, though there is no increase in horsepower.

Ghost Black Badge EditionBut, Wraith has received some upgrades such as optimized drive shafts, upgraded air suspension and the gearbox from the Ghost. The front brake discs are now one-inch larger than the outgoing models, to help cope with increased performance. Both cars receive black gloss versions of the Spirit of Ecstasy as well as black exterior trim pieces and darker chrome.

Ghost Black Badge EditionBoth cars also include LED headlights as standard. Interior tweaks include a new centerpiece clock as well as darker air vents and new carbon fiber trim elements. The Black Badge Editions have been crafted to lure the younger audience than the current customers of Rolls-Royce’s.

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