There are a few two-wheeler manufacturers already been working on the growing 350cc and above segment under the belt and Bajaj is the first company to announce it publicly. We can expect Bajaj to unveil some machines tipping at 350cc or above for the Indian lineup. Bajaj, however, won’t announce them under the brand Avenger, but presumably under a new brand. Royal Enfield is the champion in this particular segment with an impressive growth of 52 percent in March 2016.

Though Bajaj has the Pulsar CS400 in this category, it’s merely a concept vehicle. But, there are high chances for the bike to enter production line this year or we may expect some new announcements from the company later this year. But, one thing is sure, Bajaj is likely to take on the likes of Royal Enfield’s 350cc segment motorcycles with its unannounced new brand.

“Definitely. Every mature segment becomes a two-horse race eventually in any given market. The entire market is monopolized today by one person… there is room for a second person. We can create a brand for that space. I am sure everyone else is thinking about it. The success of Royal Enfield is not lost out on anyone,” said Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Motorcycles.

“It could be. But, would a fellow buying a Royal Enfield 350-500 consider a brand like Avenger suitable when he sees lots of people on Avenger 150? I’m not sure. I would not say no, but I’m not fully convinced that’s the best way. I’m not sure if an Avenger can impart the same charm as, say, a Royal Enfield,” he added.