Tesla Model S 60

Ever thought of buy a brand new Tesla? You can buy all trims of Model S and X through a lease program. Tesla has just launched a two-year lease program that facilitates you to buy off of the Model S and Model X lineups.

The lease program is now available which will apply for all purchase from now until September 12th. It is similar to Tesla’s three-year lease program, but its potential customers want to reduce the lease period. And so the two-year lease program.

Unlike a 36-month program, the 24-month lease program command a huge down payment for which buyers will have to shell out $7,288 for a Model S 60 kWh, or $7,425 for Model X at 10,000 miles per year. The monthly payment will start at $593 depending on the model you choose.

The company isn’t telling whether or not the lease program will extend after September deadline. Tesla will deliver the vehicles that are ordered during the trial period before the Q3 earning reports.

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