tesla model X

After releasing a cheaper version of the Model S back in June, Tesla is now offering a cost-effective version of the Model X SUV. The cheaper version comes with lesser ranger just like the Model S 60 and Model 60D. The new Model X 60D will have a price tag starting at US$74,000, and it goes all the way up to US$100,000 with added features.

The new Model X 60D will have the same specs as that of the 75D version, but the only exception is range. As you’re well aware that Tesla’s model numbers refer to the capacity of the battery, the new 60D will produce 60 kWh output.

The new 60D is claimed to have a range up to 200 miles, where the 75D gets you up to 237 miles on a full single charge. Thus, comparatively the new 60D with same specs but lesser battery will end up resulting in fewer miles. The 60D has a top speed of 130 miles per hour and that can accelerate from standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 6.0 seconds.

Literally, Tesla is experimenting with new models by restricting with software and that it can be tweaked upon spending few bucks over the existing one. As a cost saving measure, Tesla has already stated that it won’t be making different version of its battery packs for its lower-end cars, instead it would pack the same battery on all of its versions, but will limit the output for differentiating them. This is what they did with the Model S 60 and Model 60D.

So if the customers want to unlock the extra battery capacity, they want to pay an additional fee down the road. Tesla will continue to sell the Model X 75D, which starts around $80,000, as well as the more powerful Model X 90D and P90D, which can run upwards of $149,000 with premium options.