Tesla has announced two affordable versions of its impressive all-electric Model S sedan. The two models go by the name Model S 60 and Model 60D, are available on Tesla’s website right away starting at $66,000 and $71,000, respectively.

The rear-wheel drive Model S 60 was one of the three models of the sedan, when the company launched the Model S back in 2012. However, they have been discontinued later, but it is now making a comeback with enhanced overhauling. This model has a top speed of 130 miles per hour, can accelerate from zero to 60 miles in 5.5 seconds and has a range of 210 miles on a single full charge. It has very similar specs as the cheapest outgoing model of Model S until recently, and the only difference is its range capacity which has 234 miles costing $71,500.

The other model 60D is all-wheel drive, offering 218 miles of range and is capable of reaching zero to 60 miles in 5.2 seconds. Initially, the older Model S 60 wasn’t compatible with Tesla’s Autopilot and other upgrades. But, the revamped Model S 60 and 60D will also offer Autopilot, interior and exterior upgrades, but interested ones have to pay little extra to have them.

Tesla made a complete overhaul to Model S line recently – a new front grille, new LED headlights, faster-charging technology, and the new air filtration system. Fortunately, all of these will come standard on the new Model S 60 and 60D.

The numbers in the models refer to battery capacity and the new Teslas are equipped with 75 kWh batteries which are actually locked with software to make them small. However, buyers can pay a little extra ($9000 plus a$500 service fee) to unlock the full potential of the battery down the road.

As ever, you can fully customize the new Teslas with deliveries expected within a month. That’s a great move by Tesla introducing newer versions of Model S, in fact, affordable versions with a few tweaks over the Model S.