Renegade models

The UM Motorcycles has plans to launch their Renegade range of cruisers in India on the 3rd of February 2016. It seems that the company will launch three variants of Renegade models of those, one has been revealed as a sport and the other two are hidden in the magic box. But, the sources predict them to be the Commando and the Classic. Hold your breath until the mystery is revealed on February 3, anyways.

The company showcased the new Renegade Sports S model at 2015 ECIMA, Itlay, which is powered by a 279cc single-cylinder engine. The other powerful variant of Renegade being offered in global markets is the Commando powered by a 223cc engine producing 18bhp/16Nm. One of the either two would be launched in India.

Last year, UM entered into a partnership with Lohia Auto and the Renegade models will be manufactured at Lohia’s facility in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. The company has plans to make India a hub for exports to the neighboring countries and even Africa.

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