Volkswagen has announced a new electric microbus concept called the BUDD-e at the ongoing CES in Las Vegas. The concept van is inspired by Microbus is built around what the company calling the “Modular Electric Platform” that should get you excited about the future of electric vehicles.

The company claims that the vehicle could deliver 373 miles on a single charge, while the batteries would get an 80-percent charge in 15 minutes.

The company says that the MEB platform will increase the cabin space for human as it packs the flat battery pack under the floor and between the wheels .The platform could make its way into production VWs by 2019.

On the inside, it packs the instrument cluster and the infotainment system into a single unit that splays outward from behind the steering wheel. Active Info Display turns the dash into a giant display that would apparently connect to tablets, smartphones and IoT devices he car also can be controlled via touchscreens, gesture control, or by voice.

Volkswagen also says passengers would be able to interact with their smart homes, connecting to your smart home to check a security camera or to adjust your thermostat. Volkswagen CEO Hertbert Diess said, “the BUDD-e is the first car in the Internet of Things.”

Photo gallery:

Volkswagen unveils BUDD-e concept bus 2Volkswagen unveils BUDD-e concept bus 1

Volkswagen unveils BUDD-e concept bus


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