Anirudh Scandal MMS Video

Young music sensational Anirudh Ravichander has grabbed the attention of social media users since this morning, after an allegedly scandal video of him getting circulated in WhatsApp and other social media platforms. This isn’t the first time, the VIP music director in the limelight of controversies.

It’s a three-minute sex tape of the lookalike of Anirudh that was secretly caught in a hotel where the couple is involved in love making. The video has created lot of confusions and has been put in bad light. The reason is that person in the video looks exactly like him, though supporters and fans of Anirudh have said that it was not him and arrived with a couple of differences between them.

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Anirudh usually boasts a goatee and a tattoo in his left hand, but both are missing with the man in the video. He is not first to face such controversies, but several celebs have experienced this type of controversies before. Anirudh is yet to react to the scandal video, though.

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He has been controversies before when a lip-locked photo of him with Andrea surfaced online and he was intentionally dragged into beep song issue as well. But, this seems to be a highly controversial one.

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