tiny street view car over a bridge

Miniatur Wunderland is the world’s largest and first of its kind model railway attraction in Hamburg, Germany. Currently, the railway has over 50,000 feet of track connecting seven distant regions, which is one of the most stunning models you’ll ever see in your life.

Of the 6,400 square meters of floor space, the model takes 1,300 m2. By 2020, the model is expected to cover an area of over 2,300 m2, including all the twelve regions that were originally planned.  The exhibit is scheduled for public viewing in the spring of 2016.

artist painitng the tiny camera of street view carTo add life to the gigantic model railway – tiny world, Google captured and mapped the model world and all its inhabitants using its miniature version of street view cars, thanks to the tiny mounted cameras. Google teamed up with mapping software company called Unilabs and constructed a tiny street view car. A small camera has been mounted on the top of the car to capture the footage of the massive model world. Google also built other miniature versions of camera devices to cruise the streets and tracks of the Miniatur Wunderland.

tiny cameraThen, they placed the street view cars and camera devices on the roads, captured the footage and then they mapped to a street view and the results are amazing. You’ll never see the model to its core details even if you see the model in person, thanks to Google Street View.

camera devicesCheck them out!

If you’d like to cruise through the streets of Miniatur Wunderland, click here.

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