Tamil Nadu CM Amma Jayalalithaa Just Released her Audio Clip from Hospital – Goes Viral on Social Media

Jayalalithaa Health Update: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa, who has been hospitalized for almost a month, is recouping fast and keeps on reacting for the extensive treatment as well.

According to AIDMK Senior Leader S. Ponnain, she spoke to British specialist Richard Beale and said thanks to him for taking genuine consideration on her well-being condition.

Doctors have suggested Amma to remain in hospital for the next 10 days and she will be discharged then. After that, doctors will be monitoring her health status for another 15 days, however, she will be in bed rest in her residence, the senior leader said.

The 68-year old Jayalalithaa was admitted in hospital on September 22 complaining fever and dehydration. Since the day of her hospitalization, AIDMK party functionaries and Amma supporters have been performing special Poojas in temples for her to recover soon and return to home.

Those prayers have been answered, as she is recovering fast and talking with doctors now. She is on ventilator support because of serious lung infection, however this is ordinary treatment for such cases and that won’t prevent her from getting recouped from sickness, he said.

While the Police keep on arresting false news spreaders about Amma’s health, the government is as yet keeping up anticipation over her health since the day of her admittance to hospital. The government of Tamil Nadu is yet to release an official statement in regards to Amma’s health and that would put an end to all, who are spreading fake news about her health.

The rumor mill is continue making rounds, though. The hospital has released several bulletins and yet the details of her health have been kept confidential.

As per the latest news from AIDMK senior leader, Amma Jayalalithaa is sound and healthy. The AIDMK party functionaries and Amma supporters were excited over the news.