Mukesh Ambani on Wednesday launched the most anticipated Reliance Jio 4G service in the country. At the company’s Annual General Meeting in Mumbai, Mukesh Ambani introduced the service that offers 4G data at an incredible price, making voice calls completely free, the most welcome move supporting the “Digital India” imitative

In fact, the data tariff is the cheapest plan in the world with 1GB of data costing only Rs. 50. This has created a pressure for other telecom operators in India.

The Reliance Jio tariff was framed based on:

  • Customer should only pay for voice calls or data
  • Data should be cheap
  • Pricing should be very simple.

That’s the secret of Mukesh Ambani’s new Reliance Jio. As said, the tariff is very simple with just 10 plans to pick.

Starting with 1GB 4G data for Rs. 50 as low as 3 paise per MB. Here’s the full tariff of Reliance Jio:

jio tariff planIt doesn’t stop with cheap data plans, the company is offering free voice calls for all the plans and access to all premium apps, including JioPlay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioDrive, JioSecurity and JioMoney for free. You can enjoy free access to premium apps until December 31 and you can choose the service you want for that.

All data services will free till December 31, 2016 after which users will be able to choose their tariff plan. The free services will start September 5, he said, though they have been free for all users for a few months now. Ambani called it the Jio welcome offer, the best anyone was offered anywhere in the world.

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