Tamil Nadu CM Amma Jayalalithaa Just Released her Audio Clip from Hospital – Goes Viral on Social Media

CM Amma Jayalalithaa Audio Tape: Tamil Nadu Honorable Chief Minister Amma Jayalalithaa was admitted at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, a couple of weeks back. Since then, there are no official statements either from the Tamil Nadu government or the Apollo Hospital.  That makes her party cadres and people of the sate worried about her health condition.

A lot of rumors have been making rounds since she was hospitalized. Yesterday, the Apollo Hospital Managemnt released a press statement stating she is recovering from illness very fast and she is responding to the treatment as well. However, she is been in intensive care unit presently, and it will take a few more days for her to retrun home hail and healthy.

In fact, Amma Jayalalithaa has been having a lot of health issues. Her kidneys failed o work as well as she has high sugar level, and some other health disorders.

Tamil Nadu CM Amma Jayalalithaa just released her Audio Clip from Hospital

The catch here is that an audio tape of Amma Jayalalithaa is making rounds on the internet and gone viral.  She speaks in Tamil to her childrens of Tamil Nadu. We have translated that for you.

She thanked each and everyone caring about her health and offering prayers to gods.”By the grace of God I’m in good health and I’ll appear in front of you to thank you and express the reasons for my ill-health after getting sufficient rest,” she said and requested her supporters not to believe in false rumours.”

The opposition parties, which could not bear the overwhelming victory of AIADMK and peaceful governance by AIADMK, is working overtime to spread false rumours about my health,” the purported voice of Amma added.

In the released audio CM Jayalalithaa is heard saying that nobody could separate her from her supporters as long as I have the blessings of crores of supporters and the love of thousands of MGR’s brothers and sisters.”As I told you before I’m for you and I’m because of you.

Therefore, just like Assembly elections, I would request you to come in droves to vote Two Leaves symbol in the forthcoming Panchayat hustings on October 17th and 19th.Hail Anna. Hail MGR, Amma quipped in the audio clip towards the end.

Check out Amma Jayalalithaa audio tape below:

This audio clip has raised several questions. She has been on respiratory support for the past couple of days, and how she can speak in a normal way. Although the voice in the clip matches with her voice, it seems be a fake one. What’s your opinion?

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