Oculus –Ready PC bundles pre-orders to start next week from $1499 onwards

Last Updated: 11 February, 2016
Oculus –Ready PC bundles

Oculus is one step ahead offering PC bundles, making it easy for its consumers to get everything needed to unleash the full potential of virtual reality. You might be probably aware that you’ll need a fairly powerful system to drive into virtual reality, and by partnering with ASUS, Alienware, and Dell, Oculus is going to make it happen.Pre-orders for the Oculus-Ready PC bundles will go up live on February 16 at 8 am PST, starting at $1499. You can save up to $200 by buying them, which include an Oculus Rift, a gaming PC powerful enough to run it, motion sensors, a Xbox One controller, remote, and launch games EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack and Lucky’s Tale. The PC bundle will start shipping from April.

Oculus –Ready PC bundles

You can pre-order the PC bundle from Best Buy, Amazon and the Microsoft Store starting February 16. If you have already pre-ordered a Rift, you can still upgrade to grab any one of the PCs with the said discount. The offer code will appear on the ordering page once it goes live. Also, you can check whether you existing PC will run the Rift here, or run this downloadable compatibility test tool.

Oculus –Ready PC bundles

The price point for the bundles is very clear as the Rift alone weighs $599 and the rest by PC, depending on the configuration you choose. It’s very likely that you will grab a high-end hardware than your hardcore PC or console boxes, however, what makes us weird is that will Oculus find its potential customers to buy bundles at this price point.

Oculus –Ready PC bundles Oculus –Ready PC bundles Oculus –Ready PC bundles