There have been a lot of ad network companies in the internet space that helps publishers and bloggers to drive traffic to their site and generate revenue as well. The list goes big, including Taboola, Outbrain and so on. Each has their own policies and guidelines, but most of them work in same way.

As these ad networks have their presence for many years, it is not that easy to get approval from them. And, of course, they are meant for big players having millions of page views a month. How about small publishers or bloggers? Literally, they don’t have a place in them. The only thing that they can do is to look out for alternatives. There are quite a few ad networks out there but beware of scam networks.

Another challenging thing that publishers face today is to make their niche readers engaged with their sites. It’s vital in blogging to keep readers engaged with your site by proving quality content and they should be properly placed.

When a reader looks out for something and finds it on Google, the reader visits the site and leaves it, once the reader is done with that specific content. By suggesting relevant article based on readers reading patterns, they tend to stay long on your site. That eventually boosts the traffic of your site.

I have been looking out for a fully functional content discovery platform and I came across an ad network called ContentPPC. It’s a new content discovery platform that recommends relevant articles based on the content on a specific web page. Instead of populating varying content on your blog which other ad networks do, ContentPPC suggests only related content to your site niche.

What is ContentPPC?

As I said, it’s a content recommendation ad network that is for both publishers and Advertisers. It’s basically a pay-per-click (PPC) platform that pays publishers when users click on the recommended content from other websites. And, ContentPPC is a targeted platform that serves your blog with an intention of driving traffic to your blog. It also aggregates content from other sites, basically ads in the form of content, related to your blog niche.  You can place their native ads either below the content or in the sidebar or both. In order to get maximum exposure, I recommend you to place their code right below your content.

How it actually works?

Unlike other ad networks, ContentPPC’s content suggestion algorithm takes in long tail keywords instead of single word keywords (which most ad networks follow), fetches the most relevant content from other relevant niche websites (sponsored content) and displays them. By that way, it ensures that your blog readers visit the sponsored sites by clicking the ads. Eventually, it increases your revenue.

contentPPC reviewIn the recent times, SEO experts recommend publishers to use long tail keywords to promote their content. That being said, Google’s search algorithm typically prioritizes long tail keywords.

Getting Approval

Getting approval for your site is very simple. You don’t need millions of page views to attract these guys, just the blog niche, however, your blog should get some decent traffic. That way, both of them would be benefited.

Visit ContentPPC, click on Signup on the top right-hand corner of the page, enter the required info and you’re in. Once your email is verified, you can log in to your account right away. Submit your website for approval. Within a day, you’ll get to know whether your site is approved or rejected.

After approval of your site, click Manage ad code, customize it accordingly and the ad code will be generated. Place the ad code wherever you want and start earning.


As a publisher, you can earn a lot of money and it depends on your site’s niche. The minimum payout is only $10. You can use it along with other ad programs and compatible with Google Adsense.

contentPPC content discovery platformIt won’t affect your site’s loading speed, thanks to the advanced robust technology. You’ll be able to customize your ads to go with your website theme.

Click here to apply.


It’s a growing ad network that helps small and large publishers to get maximum exposure for your content. Drive tons of traffic within your limited budget. Their fraud detection algorithm detects fraud clicks and you can set long tail keywords for your ad campaigns. Your ads will be displayed only on targeted sites, so your content will get maximum exposure within your budget.

Click here to join ContentPPC.


We’ve been using ContentPPC for a while and we are really impressed with their technology and services. Yes, it is one of the best content discovery platforms available in the market and we recommend it for bloggers and publishers. Give it a try and tell us what you think about ContentPPC in your comments below.