Drive massive traffic

The most common problem that every blogger face today is that their websites or blogs are not driving traffic that they would expect. There are several reasons why your blog isn’t creating tons of traffic. I’ve been searching a lot over the internet looking for proven traffic generation techniques, but I was tired of reading those blog posts that would say various methods, which would probably never work for most of them. So, I thought of writing this article that might help bloggers like me.

You might have used these methods before or you might not have heard about them till now. Driving organic traffic to your websites isn’t that easy as you’d think, but you’ve have always chances of driving traffic from social media networks. I’m not referring to Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus here. Of course, they play a major part in getting traffic to your site, but there are several social sites beyond the hill that would get you tons of traffic within days.

Let’s go around different traffic generation techniques that are available near you


I’m not sure whether you’ve already heard about this killer shot, but it has proven to be one of the best traffic generating sources for your blog. The deal is very simple. It is just a website that allows you to share your PowerPoint presentations online. You may think how slides would drive insane traffic to your blog. The secret here is it actually drives more traffic than Facebook or Google Plus or Twitter unless you have thousands and thousands of followers.

If you’re familiar with PowerPoint, you can easily create slides to share. It’s not a big deal to work with PowerPoint. Never give up.

You’ve to select the trending posts from your blog that are the best fit to your blog niche to create slides. There are a lot of PowerPoint templates out there, so you can download them and start using them on your own. If you don’t have time, you may hire an expert to do so.

First of all, pick some value added posts from your blog to create a SlideShare presentation. Images attract more than text. Use relevant and catchy images in your presentation. Use embedded links to your posts and call to action buttons to link your posts.

Once you’ve drafted a clean presentation, create an account on SlideShare and publish your presentation. Then, start promoting your presentation on social media platforms.


StumbleUpon (SU) is a reliable traffic source for several bloggers for decades. According to some case studies, SU has the potential of making traffic three times more than Reddit and generating traffic more than Google + and LinkedIn combined.

The basic of SEO is content. You’re well aware that content is king in traffic conversion. Not all posts drive traffic from SU, but the below content makes a difference on SU.

  • Tutorial posts and videos
  • Videos (entertainment, real incidents, how to, etc)
  • Posts that have lists
  • Gallery posts

Create an account on SU and make an analysis on trending topics. Create content based on that and start sharing on SU. You will see a tremendous increase in traffic to your blog in days. Make sure to create interesting content before sharing on SU. You can also spend few bucks on SU for advertising. The ultimate goal of advertising is to convert paid traffic to regular traffic.

Use Facebook Retargeted Pixels:

You may wonder why the posts that I share on Facebook aren’t converting to good traffic. The answer is simple – Competition. Getting your posts on users News Feed isn’t an easy job. As a result, your post reaches declines and you won’t get the desired amount of traffic from Facebook.

There’s no wrong in spending few bucks on Facebook advertising and the fact is that it is cheaper when compared to other social platforms.

Create unique content and share it on Facebook. It’s a known fact that rich media posts convert huge traffic and the same apply here. So, create posts based on the trending topics on Facebook and spend few bucks on them as well. Once you’ve created a post, find the targeted audience and boost it.

When you focus on the targeted audience of your niche and that will convert those audiences into your blog followers. Setting up retargeted pixels on your blog will target the users who have already visited your blog.

I hope this article would have helped you in some way. If this article helped you, please share it with your friends, as it may reach the needy. Share your experience in the comments section below!