must do tactics to accelerate your blog traffic

How can you have enough time to have a life and blog without losing your mind? Here are the top tips that will make the biggest difference that you should not ignore to get you started.

There are many tactics that you can pursue but some have more value than others. If there were six that should be on your “must do” do list then here they are

Build an email list

Do this from day one by offering a free ebook or premium content that readers can only get by entering their name and email.

Best Email Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Grow a targeted Twitter following

Twitter is the best platform to build a focused list of followers. It’s simplicity and unfiltered stream ensures your tweets with your content linked and embedded will provide visible attention.

How to Build a Targeted Twitter Fleet of 100,000

Increase your Facebook likes

Facebook cannot be ignored and ensuring you have a large group that have liked your page can be one of your top two social networks that will drive significant traffic.

20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement

Build your blog and content for search engines

Search engines are the biggest traffic source for my blog. This will not happen from day one as it will take time to get Google’s attention. Don’t ignore doing this from day one as it requires persistence and will take time. Start today.

Create and publish awesome content

This may not be obvious to some but if you create contagious content that solves people problems and adds value to their lives you will collect fanatical fans. They will link to your blog and they will share it.

Write, create and publish the best liquid content you can. This will then flow across the web and build brand awareness.

Include prominent social media sharing buttons

You have written, produced and published content that rocks. But if you make it hard for people to share on the social web then it will still be great but invisible.

About Author: Jeff Bullas is a consultant, blogger, strategist, and speaker. He has written many books and writes content for several sites. Jeff’s own blog is included in’s Power 150 ranking as a top 50 marketing blog. Website:

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