Space debris, the entangled concept to understand, have been put around our orbit right from 1957 through to 2015, is bringing on a genuine danger to the satellites, spacecraft and astronauts.

20,000 Pieces of Space Debris are Currently Orbiting the Earth

Stuart Grey, a space expert at University College London has created a one-minute video, which indicates how people got to be unpredictable to the Earth.It began with Sputnik dispatched in 1957, which tossed its rocket as the principal bit of space garbage into space.

At the point when USSR sent the first human into space, there were 200 articles flying here and there. Practically every mission into space drives us to new advancements and innovations; in any case, consequently, they add new debris into space, either from the launch vehicles or satellites, a missile test and collisions between objects. Until 2007, there were around 9000 space debris, and all of a sudden a Chinese rocket test fizzled and detonated, adding 2000 debris into space.

We now stand at about 20,000 bits of space junks floating around up there. If you have seen the Gravity movie, then you’ll have some thought what these particles can do. These objects are whizzing around Earth at more than 17,000MPH, making it dangerous to send humans into space.


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