2016 Nexus launcher

According to Android Police, Google will be soon launching a brand new app launcher for its Nexus devices sometime in late 2016.

However, this new launcher will be seen on 2016 Nexus smartphones, it seems.

We have seen early looks at Android Nougat for the past few months, and the new screenshots of the app launcher, which is believed to be taken from Nexus smartphones shows the redesigned app launcher.

You can launch the app drawer in two ways, sliding up the little arrow or tapping on the arrow button. The app drawer can be restored to its home by sliding down the arrow or triggered by a single tap.

The new app drawer comes with a redesigned search bar widget on the top, however, the search widget has been replaced with a calendar widget on the homescreen along with G icon on the left-hand side.

Tapping the G icon launches the search bar. There are some new navigation buttons added to space. Lastly, the pane switch animation now uses a horizontally-scrolling line to show which homescreen you’re on, instead of the dots you see on the current version of Now launcher.


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