3DR solo program prototype
3DR solo program prototype

3DR announced its Made for Solo Program last October, and now it is showing off its prototype model at this year’s CES. It has a hyper-wide-angle lens to both the top and bottom of the drone. 3DR has teamed up with Kodak to bring 360-degree video to its machine. The solo drone can capture video at 360-degree video as of now, but there are some issues with the quality of the video. Kodak is currently working to fix the issue, and once it does, the solo 3DR will be one of the cheapest 360-degree video drones in the market.

Kodak has employed its SP360 action cam ($250) into the kit. There’s a lighting attachment at the bottom of the drone, powered by pro lighting company Fiilex. It’s just a bright LED light attached to the drone and the color intensity and temperature of the light can be controlled via the associated app. There’s no word on when the device will be completed or when it will be available at retail stores, but 3DR is hoping the device will be ready by the end of the year.


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