5G logo

There are still years away for the next wireless standard ‘5G’ being developed by the 3GPP cellular standards group for years now, to make its official debut. The successor of 4G LTE branding was so far referred to as 5G, and it now becomes an official name for the next generation of cellular data network with the launch of the logo officially.

The 5G wireless network branding will be far more advanced than the 4G LTE branding, which is not yet another iteration of 4G though.  There were lots of complications with the 4G LTE branding where mobile carriers often discussed about the renaming cellular brand such as 4G and its different verticals of LTE, LTE Advanced, and LTE Advanced Pro which they follow now.

The logo of 5G branding looks similar to the past LTE logo that shows the evolution of the technology. It will take years for the technology itself from rolling out, and the 5G Phase 1 is expected to roll out sometime in late 2018. The standards and protocols for the 5G are uncertain at this point of time or might be too early to talk about, as 3GPP hasn’t yet finalized the definition for 5G. But as far as we know, it will focus on volume than speeds.