4Moms Announces “Self-installing” Car Seat Offering Safer Ride for Babies
4Moms Announces “Self-installing” Car Seat Offering Safer Ride for Babies

It’s always been a tricky job for parents installing a car seat for their kids. 4moms has come out with a solution for this problem at this year’s CES. The company introduces self-installing car seat that employs robotics. Once you attach the base’s anchors to the hooks in your vehicle, the car seat automatically levels itself and properly tensions those belts to secure it. Theirs is a companion app for the device that offers voice-guided step-by-step installation instructions.

4momsAfter placing the cradle that holds the baby over the base, you’ll receive a visual and verbal communication from the device notifying you that your baby is secured completely. Then, the real-time monitoring feature kick starts off and you can view the live status in the app. If something goes wrong, the system instantly alerts you and offers steps to rectify the issue as well. Every time the cradle is placed in the base, the system does a diagnostic check in order to make sure everything goes well.

Also, you can input your car’s make and model to the app for a recommendation on the best place to install a seat. It even tracks your baby’s growth and notifies you, so you can adjust the harness accordingly. The smart device carries a price tag of $500 and it will ship starting this summer.


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