5 Amazing Android Apps to Help You Live Greener
5 Amazing Android Apps to Help You Live Greener

Amazing Android Apps: Technology can be environmentally friendly in its own right: offices and individuals can go paperless, map apps can reduce time and emissions spent driving in the wrong direction, and online research means shoppers can find what they need at the first store they visit. However, there are additional apps for Earth-conscious individuals who are hoping to make their footprint smaller and greener. So download these five android apps to your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Its large Quad HD Super AMOLED display and lightning-fast processor make it easy to go green.

5 Amazing Android Apps to Help You Live Greener

Carma Carpooling

Ride sharing is a hot trend in transportation right now, but it’s only sharing when there’s more than one person in the car. Carma Carpooling helps people form carpool groups and travel together to save on costs and environmental impact. This free app estimates what the gas would cost and divides it by the number of people in the car, making trips affordable and environmentally friendly.

Use this app if you’re going to a popular destination like a sporting event, concert, or theme park where they charge for parking and thousands of people attend. Another option is to find a carpool group going to work every day. If four people share one car instead of driving by themselves, they can save a huge amount of gas and emissions in the course of a year!


This free app uses gamification to reward users who participate in sustainable activities. Plant a tree and take a photo of it for a reward, or attend a beach cleanup project to protect wildlife from things like dangerous plastics and fishing line. Ecoviate also offers tips and advice for living a greener lifestyle, so you can always improve your behavior and reduce your impact. Start by grabbing a reusable bottle and see how far you can get!

Ecoviate plants a tree for every download of the app, so it’s worth checking out if only to make sure another tree is planted on Earth.


Have you ever wondered how your climate impact stacks up against those of your community, your neighbors, and your friends? Oroeco allows you to see where your waste increases and how you can improve your footprint.

After this free app tracks your carbon footprint, it prioritizes steps you can take to reduce it. You can quickly identify ways to reduce waste and pollution while saving money — like turning off your lights before you leave the house or buying reusable coffee pods instead of disposable ones. Start with one or two a day and then keep adding new habits and tricks until you’re living a much greener lifestyle. You will also be entered to win cash and prizes for participating, giving you some extra incentive to try it out.

Seafood Watch

This app by the Monterey Bay Aquarium lets users search for environmentally sustainable seafood locations near them while researching seasonal fish that have a low environmental impact. Who says eco-friendly seafood can’t be delicious?

Seafood Watch combats misinformation about the seafood industry that many consumers aren’t aware of. Fish is often mislabeled or labeled as fairly caught when it was actually caught out of season or using inhumane practices. Use this free app to learn about the dangers of by-catch (when animals like dolphins and turtles are also caught in nets) and how certain fisheries are learning to reduce it.


Recycling paper and plastic seems easy enough, but what happens when you need to recycle batteries? What about more complex metals and hazardous waste? iRecycle breaks out a guide by item type and offers advice on where and when to recycle it.

The best part about this free app is the ability to find local recycling centers near you. Type in your zip code and look up item-specific centers. This way you can make sure your items go exactly where they need to.

These are just a few amazing android apps to go green yourself, and many of the apps offer incentives to invite your friends and get them involved in environmental conservation. You might not think you have much of an impact, but if you invite two friends, your impact is tripled. Soon you can have a large community of smartphone users saving the planet, one app at a time.

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