A New Research Suggest to Use Patterns and Images for Passwords – GOTPass

GOTPass seems to have strong affinity in early tests

Researchers from Plymouth University have conceived a new method of password input across various platforms. The new application called the GOTPass would combine patterns, images, and one-time pass code (OTP) to generate a password system which they believe could improve security. We often used to forget passwords and retrieve them using password help, and if everything go well, this new method may put an end to traditional password era.

Here’s How GOTPass Works

Unlike Android unlock pattern, GOTPass allows a user to draw a pattern on a 4×4 grid, then a grid of thirty random emoji-esque images will be shown on the screen, and a user has to choose one. You’ll have your password once you have picked chosen an image from the grid.

When you want to log into your system, just enter your username and draw the pattern lock. Then, a grid of 16 images will be shown on the screen, in which two are from the four picked during setup, six associated distracts and eight random decoys. Identifying the correct images would generate a one-time pass-code to enter into the relevant box.

However, this method sounds to be a complicated and time-consuming process, but in reality, the process wouldn’t take much longer than typing in a password. It’s proven easy to remember and holds up well against hacks. The test analysis shows just 23 or 3.33% of the 690 attempted hacking were successful. Of those 23 hacks, 15 were just coincidence.

Researchers say further test analysis will be made to test its usability and efficiency.


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