iPhone 7
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Apple’s unannounced iPhone 7 has been in the news for past few weeks, and several rumors, leaks have surfaced online, allowing us to get some clear picture of what we can expect from the next generation iPhone. We’ve rounded up some of them for you. Here are they:

We can probably expect iPhone 7 to be released in two versions – one with the same 4.7-inch screen as seen in the iPhone 6 and the other would be the 5.5-inch iPhone, apparently the iPhone 7 Plus. It seems that Apple doesn’t want to take away one of its iPhones with different sizes.

According to DigiTimes, Apple’s next will be ditching off the aluminum metal body and would be dressed in some mysterious compound materials. So far, Apple’s iPhones were made using metal, plastic and glass, but the iPhone 7 will be equipping different compounds. No one ever knows what these materials could be, but it is crystal clear that the new iPhone will have a premium feel and look.

As of now, Apple has been using a plastic white strip antenna on the back, which is not liked by many of us might not be seen in the iPhone 7. The new compound material that is being used instead of aluminum in the phone will get rid of these antennas. Because aluminum acts a barrier, so a plastic strip was used to allow the cellular signal in and out, reported DigiTimes.

The iPhone 7 might not have a headphone jack, instead, the lightning port will be used for listening music and Bluetooth headphones would be an alternate option. Since it gets rid of the headphone jack, iPhone 7 will include a new Ear Pods with lightning connectors. That means the new Ear Pods will go wireless, you don’t even find a cable connecting the left earphone with the right one.

As the new iPhone 7 will not have a 3.5mm jack, the phone could be even thinner than the iPhone 6s. Also, the new iPhone 7 would be charged wirelessly.

The iPhone 7 will be water resistant. Combining the new compound materials and the lack of headphone jack could make the next iPhone the most waterproof iPhone yet. Also, the iPhone 7 will make any of your headphones noise-cancelling with an audio integrated software running under the hood.

As the way goes traditionally, the new iPhone 7 will run on A10 chip. The iPhone 6 is powered by A9 chip making it the most powerful phone in the market, and the A10 is supposed, even more, powerful and efficient.

As Apple always releases new products in the month of September, we expect that Apple will announce the new iPhone 7 in September. Finally, the new iPhone might cost at least $650.

To be noted that US carriers aren’t offering two-year contract anymore, so you’ll need to play the entire cost upfront or pay for it in monthly installments using either your carrier’s monthly payment plan or Apple’s own payment plan.


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