Larry Page

Larry Page, CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet has been secretly funding startups to build flying cars. He never minds taking risky bids on future technologies. As the co-founder of Google, the company has been investing tons of bucks on the ambitious futuristic project like self-driving cars, smart contact lenses, and several others. Page takes on a secretive project by himself funding a startup Zee.Aero, over $100 million since its creation.

He owns the startup Zee.Aero, which was launched six years ago, according to Bloomberg. The company is located in Mountain View, an hour’s drive from Google headquarters, where he restricted his employees to the first floor of the company’s two-storey building. He was referred to as GUS – the guy upstairs, by his employees. Zee.Aero has recruited aerospace engineers and designs from big players, including NASA, Boeing and, SpaceX, and testing two prototype designs, according to Bloomberg. The company has filed a patent four years ago, says the aircraft has the ability to takeoff and land vertically.

He isn’t funding only Zee.Aero, Page has also been-been investing in, Kitty Hawk that has offices a half-mile away their headquarters. The company has been building a giant version of a quadcopter drone, according to Bloomberg. Kitty Hawk isn’t the only company to design a quadcopter aircraft, there are other aerospace companies in the game.


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