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Apple has a new product this year, the Apple AirPods that’s truly wireless pledges to deliver amazing audio experiences on the go.

Apple wants to offer greater convenience with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The technology advancement is incredible but still we tether cables to connect smartphones with other devices. Of course, you can use Bluetooth though, but going truly wireless is something leaping into future technology. And so Apple does.

Apple is taking us to the future wireless with AirPods. It is powered by the newly designed Apple W1 chip which is the first of its kind from Apple labs. It delivers reliable and seamless connection, and high efficiency playback. There are interring ear sensors to detect whether each ear pod is plugged in your ear to play music once you’re ready to listen.

The motion sensor allows you to control your Ear Pods with different taps. Each Ear Pod provides five hours of listening on a single charge. It comes bundled with a compact charging case that powers the AirPods all the time.

The W1 chip is very smart for intelligent connection with all Apple devices and lets you switch between devices seamlessly. You can simply connect the AirPods with Apple devices just by opening the compact box. The other end device will prompt connect pop up and just connect by tapping the connect button. That’s all.

Each AirPod is packed with a bunch of technology and hardware, including W1 chip, dual optical sensors, dual accelerometers, battery, antenna and a pair of microphones

You use iCloud to streamline setting across Apple devices and platforms. You can use either one or two of the AirPods for listening music or ask Siri to book a ride for you. There are no physical buttons or pairing settings either.

Doubled with compact case with battery inside, EarPods provide 24 hours of listening. You can plugin lightning to charge the case as well as the EarPods.

AirPods will cost you $159 and shipping starts late October.

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