Apple iMessage wwdc 2016

Apple has revamped its Messages as the iOS 10 gets a huge overhaul that brings rich media, emoji and allowing third-party developers to build functions into the system. You’ll now be able to embed YouTube links or other web addresses without leaving iMessage.

The notable feature is the addition of emojis that allows users to transform the typed messages into linked emoji on the fly. The “bubble effects” feature will now help you to change the appearance of messages within their bubbles by adding a bunch of animations.

Apple iMessage wwdc2016The highlight of the revamp is that Apple now allows third-party developers to insert their application into the proprietary message system with the added iMessage Apps. This will allow developers to add their apps to an app drawer within the Messaging app.

Apple iMessage gets complete overhaulThis time, Apple has turned its tradition way of computing by allowing third-party integrations into its system, including Siri and Maps. It time for Apple to wake up and it isn’t surprising move, as its competitors like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have already opened up its doors to third-parties for integration with their systems. That will eventually boost the performance of their services by bringing a lot of other services into their mainstream services.

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