iPhone 7

Since iPhone 7 was announced, there have been a lot of speculations and tons of leaks and rumors are making rounds on the internet. And the latest news we have about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 is that it might finally get rid of the 16GB model when it releases.

The base version of iPhones was out with a capacity of 16GB and awkwardly, the company stopped making 32GB version of the iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6s. The news comes in the form of a post on a Chinese social media where the analyst Kevin Wang of HIS Technology that the next iPhone will have a base model of 32GB and up, instead of a traditional 16GB.

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This is good news for iPhone lovers’ because people aren’t inconvenient with the 16GB model as they used to get full of photos, videos and apps quickly as they could. Apple’s new features in iPhone6s – 4K video recording and Live Photos, occupies enough storage space so users have to opt out these features top manage theirs. But there are other apps that squeeze more storage space. Hence, people have been complaining about the iPhone that storage isn’t enough with these fancy features. Yet Apple has a simple answer – spend $100 more on the 64GB model.

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The iPhone 7 is said to have a new design that minimizes antenna lines visibility, dual-camera setup on the larger model, no 3.2mm audio jack, and thinner bezels than the iPhone 6. Of course, none of this is official just yet. Apple usually reveals new iPhones in September, and we expect as much for the iPhone 7 this year. Stay tuned!


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