Apple has built a facility to recover materials from old iPhones and other products. The company introduced Liam – the robot behind its recycling program at this year’s spring event, where Apple told that Liam has been on the play for past one year in recovering materials. And, that seems all is doing well.


Apple has claimed that it had recovered nearly 90 million pounds of materials from Apple devices recycled through its program in 2015. This data comes from the company’s annual environmental report. Of those 90 million pounds, 61 million pounds of materials are reusable in future products, including 2,240 pounds of gold that are worth nearly $40 million.

According to TheVerge, the average smartphone contains around 30mg of gold used in circuit boards. Considering that Apple recovered 2,24 pounds of gold, the sheer quantity of iPhones disassembled boggles the mind. Aside from gold, the company has also recovered $6 million worth of copper.


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