Apple’s new iPad model will debut at the company’s March 15th event, but it won’t be called the iPad Air 3. A new report claims that the new iPad device will be the company’s new variant of iPad Pro line. A new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, with the same innards as the 12.9-inch model, will be launched at the event.

It is said that Apple will discontinue the ‘Air’ devices from its iPad lineup. The new iPad Pro will be bringing the same A9X processor, 4GB of RAM, and quad stereo speakers from the 12.9-inch model. It will also feature the larger iPad Pro’s revamped touch technology to support the Apple Pencil as well as Apple’s Smart Connector. Apple is working on a smaller version of a smart keyboard for the new model. The new iPad Pro will come in same colors and storage capacities as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, however, the pricing will be closer in line with the iPad Air 2.

It is also said that the March 15th event is pushed back to March 22, according to sources. Apple will launch a new 4-inch iPhone 5se with hardware upgrades and technologies along with new Apple Watch band options at the March event.


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