Asus Zenbo robot

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih announced the Zenbo, a smart home robot, at Computex 2016 today.

The robot looks similar to Wall-E in appearance, and it’s a complete package for your smart home. “Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household,” he said before revealing Zenbo the home robot.

Asus Zenbo Specs, Features

Asus Zenbo has been designed to meet “assistance, entertainment, and companionship,” especially for elderly. It works like Amazon’s Echo, answering queries, placing an online order, providing recipe recommendations and many things over voice command.

The robot can connect to each and every traditional and smart household device. For instance, if someone is at your door, you can check them on the robot’s face from a connected camera and remote unlock the door. It can walk, see, speak and hear that makes you take control of your home with this robot.

Asus Zenbo can learn and adapt to your preferences with its proactive artificial intelligence. If there’s an elderly person in your home and if he falls down, it will snap a picture of him and sends to family members. You can monitor your home with its built-in camera. When it is at your home, you’ll be to capture some beautiful moments preserving at home.


It will entertain your kids as well. It can dance to music (robotic style), sing songs and tell stories to your kids. Asus Zenbo is about knee height to an average adult, costing about $599, which is rather cheap than other robots available in the market.


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