Are you curious to know what your favorite celebrities see when they log onto Instagram? Then, meet this new app, Being for iOS. This app lets you see what Instagram looks like from the perspective of any other user based on who they’re following.

Being Just open the app, log on, and then you’ll see a big list of celebrities from pop stars to techies. There’s a list of categories to choose from, like celebrities, athletes, artists and so on. All you have to do is to choose any of your favorite people and you’ll see their feeds. If you choose Kim Kardashian, she follows 102 people on Instagram, their family members, relatives, makeup artists and her friends. You’ll be able to see her feeds as she does and if you want to follow any of her following people, you can do it without leaving behind the app.

Also, you can look onto your friend’s feed by linking your Instagram account to the app. You can only view the feeds of the accounts that are set public. If you don’t want your feed to be snooped by someone, you can just set your account to private and the app won’t show your account anymore.

The beauty of the app is that you can snoop on your favorite celebrities without having an Instagram account, but you’ll need it, if you want to snoop on your friends, in that case.

Being is only available on App Store for now, but there’s no word on when the app will be hitting Android.