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The best thing in apps is that it takes your time and gets things done easily, but astonishingly there are plenty of apps out there. But it is complex to conclude which app will work best for you and saves your time. There are several apps that could waste your time with no productivity.

I’ve compiled a list of apps that saves your time and increases your productivity, pulling over your stress to some extent. Let’s check out the productive apps:

Best 10 Free Productive Apps That You Should Use Everyday


pocket appYou might find some interesting articles but you’ll be forced to skip them while browsing the internet on your smartphone. Pocket is the one of the best productive apps that takes its place there, you can save it to pocket with a simple tap for later reading. You can access it on any device, including phone, pc, and tablet.

Price: Free (iOSAndroid)

Google Keep

google-keepAnother best productive apps is Google Keep that lets you take notes, capture images, reminder and so on, that’s similar to Google Evernote. The funny charcterictic of the app is its ability to oraganize the notes with colored labels.

Price: Free (iOSAndroid)


wunderlistWunderlist is an app for cloud-based task- project-management. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet and computer.

Price: Free – iOSAndroid


slackSlack is a great way for keeping in touch with your team at work without sifting through dozens of emails.

Price: Free – iOS, MacAndroidWeb


quipIt is an alternative to Microsoft Office. You can use the app to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also use the app to collaborate on blog posts, manage projects, or even share a grocery list.

Price: Free – iOSAndroid


evernote appQuickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time.

Price: Free – AndroidiOSWindows PhonePCMacGoogle Chrome, and the Web


polymailIt helps to manage your emails, but the highlight its is simple design.

Price: Free – iOS


paper appPaper is one of the best productive apps that is available only for iOS. Just think what you can do with paper, you can sketch, take notes, charts and so on. You can do the same with Paper too.

Price: Free – iOS

Microsoft Outlook

microsoft-outlookThe best email client for your smartphone.

Price: Free  – iOSAndroid


letterspaceIt’s also a note taking app, but available only for iOS users. Its design uses hashtags to organize your thoughts.

Price: Free – iOS

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