How to reduce data usage on Android phones

Shocked on seeing monthly mobile data bills, then you’ve landed on the right place on the internet. There are a lot of ways to reduce or restrict the data usage on your Android phones. I’ve rounded up some best tweaks that reduce the data usage to almost 50% of the actual data than your current usage.

Use Chrome browser

The beast way to manage the data on your Android phone is to avoid using the default browser that comes with the package. Download Google’s Chrome browser on your phone that has a feature called “Chrome Data Saver,” once enabled, will reduce the amount of data consumed by optimizing the images and other unwanted website content.

Chrome browser data saverTo enable, open Chrome browser on your phone, and head to Settings > Data Server. You’re done, that makes a lot of difference. You can also see how much data you’ve saved over time.

Optimize video quality on streaming services

There are several streaming services out there like Netflix, Google Play Music offering options to manage the video quality thereby reducing mobile data usage. Travel Mode in Snapchat lets the app stop preloading unwanted content within the app.

How to reduce data usage on Android phones netflixEach service offers similar options on their apps so look through the settings of these apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on to manage data consumption by these apps.

Use Facebook’s mobile site instead of app

It’s time to ditch the dedicated app for Facebook altogether. Instead, use Facebook’s mobile site, as it consumes lesser data, won’t run in the background, and you’ll still get notifications for new comments, likes and posts. Just replace the Facebook’s app icon with the shortcut of the Facebook’s mobile site home screen on your device. That won’t make a much difference between the two.

Manage synced services

You may have added different synced services to your Android device and some apps will sync all linked services within the service in the background. For example, if you’ve added a Google account to your device, it will sync various services associated with it like Google Keep, Google Fit, Google Play Newsstand and much more. By disabling those services that are never convenient to you will save data.

cut down data usage - manage sync servicesOf course, they don’t eat too much of data, but every little bit helps here. Go to Settings app, select Accounts, and then the Google Account that you want to limit these services. Customize them accordingly.

Limit background data

There are several apps on your phone that will be running in the background and eating all your data just like that. You may never notice that, but you can restrict which apps to run in the background.

How to reduce data usage on Android phones - restric data usageYou can disable background data by opening Settings > Data Usage > Tap on the menu button >Restrict background data > OK.

You can also set a threshold for your monthly data in the Data Usage settings pane.

Store digital content offline

cut down data on android phonesYou can download music and movies offline and store in on your Android device. Whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can download content and you can view them in offline mode later. Streaming apps and music apps offer such options.


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