Apple will never compromise the design and looks for their products, and has some impressive products under its belt. But, when it comes to chargers, they won’t fall into that category.

And, TenOne Designs has now has a new accessory that fulfils the gap between the charger and your gorgeous Apple products. Blockhead is a tiny, smart cord that snaps onto your existing Apple charger, allowing it to sit flat against the wall.

BlockheadThe prongs of Blockhead faces east instead of facing forward and it doesn’t require more room – just need one-inch clearance and it faces down while standard adaptor requires nearly 4-inch space. The universal adaptor is designed for charging your MacBook and iPad that is rated 12W or higher.

BlockheadBlockheadThe only flaw with the device is that its prongs won’t retract because if its size, so when you carry your charger intact with the Blockhead, it won’t fit into your smaller charger case.  Still, the tradeoff of having a low-profile charger may be nice.

Blockhead can be purchased via the TenOne site, ships in late April and will retail for $19.95.