E-commerce is a tricky industry and Amazon just managing to be a behemoth. Amazon is selling anything on their platform from electronics to books to household appliances to apparels and so on. Amazon is one of the trustworthy online stores among a bunch of companies out there. They also offer huge discounts on products that cost less than they do elsewhere. They run lots of promotions, hot deals from time to time, but the tricky thing is, they list a product with a huge discount with a limited time period that makes us buy, but they always have same price or even below.

Shopping on these platforms may be awkward, but thankfully, there are several tools to counteract them. Check Camelcamelcamel and Fakespot before buying things on Amazon and other online shopping sites.


It is one of the best prices tracking tool that has a long stand among other trackers for a decade. You can track prices, map out trends and find the best time to buy your things thanks to its robust tech. It is available in the form of webapp and browser extensions.

CamelcamelcamelSimply copy and paste the URL of a product that you’re considering to buy on Amazon and it will throw out a chart showing how the prices have been fluctuating over the past several months.

Here’s the link.


Another disgusting thing when shopping online is fake reviews. All shopping sites are filled with fake reviews and Amazon isn’t an exception. Fake reviews bolster a products review score. This tool will tell you how many reviews are genuine.

fakespotAll you need to do is copy and paste the Amazon link into Fakespot, and it’ll generate a review score. Though the tool is not that much authentic as CCC, but still you can rely on it.

Here’s the link.


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