eve energy

The brand “Eve” is best known for its smart home devices, backed by Elgato, has now introduced a new device that helps to control and monitor your home’s power needs. The Eve Energy device looks like any other adapter, plugs into a wall socket, lets you control the connected devices via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via Bluetooth. The adaptor is also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, allowing you to personalize your setup.

The Eve Energy device doesn’t require a Wi-Fi setup or the need for a hub, bridge or gateway to establish a connection with the smart devices. The device works with Bluetooth Smart Technology to control your smart devices. You can ask Siri to switch on or off the lights, TV, or crank the music. As it is compatible with Homekit, you can group together all Homekit-enabled devices and design your custom scenes in order to control them in one setup. You can trigger your personalized scenes by asking Siri to enable them to you.

Eve Energy deviceWith the accompanying app, the Elgato Eve app, you can see your energy consumption at a glance, and view graphs by day, month or year. It helps to gain insights that help you improve your comfort and make your home a smarter hub.

Also, if you have an Apple TV, you can gain access to the Eve Energy when you’re away from home. The remote access lets you turn devices on or off, launch your favorite scene, or simply check the status of your home.

The Eve Energy was already available in Europe, and now it becomes official in the US as well. You can either buy the device from the company’s website or Amazon for $49.95, starting today. You can download the app for free from the App Store.