iPhone 7

iPhone 7 leaks are usual these days, and the latest in the list comes in the form of photos. This time we we’ve been treated with a Space Gray color variant which shows only the back panel of the phone.

Apple iPhone 7 leaked image 2

The images show a large camera module on the back and hence the big bump. The antenna bands have been redesigned to have minimal visibility than they are on the iPhone 6 series. The images here even confirm the omission of the 3.5mm headphone jack. These details are the most discussed things over the internet for weeks, but these images confirm that those aren’t rumors and they actually exist.

Apple iPhone 7 leaked image 3

There are more leaks and rumors to come for the rest of the days until Apple unveils the upcoming iPhone 7 in September. So don’t worry, it’s interesting nonetheless.

iPhone leaked image 1