Google Search hacks

A few days ago, Google blocked the torrent site for displaying misleading download buttons. After surfing briefly on web, it seems wasn’t the only site affected that got much attention to Google effort to block websites that offer deceptive download buttons.

You might have seen a larger, usually green or blue download buttons hanging near the actual download button or floating in and around the sites. These are the websites, Google is targeting. These fake download buttons leads to more ads, in some cases, even installs malware on your device when clicked. These types of deceptive download buttons are not only seen on torrent sites, but even reputed site sometime have these fake ads.

Google has announced that these sites will be blocked some months ago, and it looks like Google is now pushing the algorithm more aggressively. Google, in fact, is taking aggressive steps in the recent past to cut down on malicious ads and to provide a safer browsing experience for everyone.


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