Google’s artificial intelligence software TensorFlow, the best computing software has finally made its way to iPhones. Google on Monday released an early version of the software, tagged v0.9.0 RCO will be powering Apple iPhones and iPads from now on.

TensorFlow is “neural network” software that lets computers process data in a way similar to our own brain cells, a key foundation of the artificial intelligence movement sweeping the computing industry.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently said it advances machine learning capability by a factor of three generations. With the software running on your iPhone, its capabilities will allow for more sophisticated apps to power your iPhone. We can expect the apps to be released later this year and into next year from Google and others who use TensorFlow.

A high network of machines are required to perform complex computing but TensorFlow can help small devices as well. Some of the tasks TensorFlow can allow for include being able to recognize subjects in photographs or being able to teach your phone what a particular object looks like, which is what another neural network software project called MemKite aims to do.

“Over time, the computer itself — whatever its form factor — will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day,” Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai wrote in the company’s annual letter to shareholders. “We will move from mobile first to an AI-first world.”

There’s no word on when the final version of TensorFlow will be released. However, Google has released its software as open source, where anyone can use or modify it for free.

Key Features of TensorFlow

  • Python 3.5 support and binaries
  • Added iOS support
  • Added support for processing on GPUs on MacOS
  • Added makefile for better cross-platform build support (C API only)
  • fp16 support for many ops
  • Higher level functionality in contrib.{layers,losses,metrics,learn}
  • More features to Tensorboard
  • Improved support for string embedding and sparse features
  • TensorBoard now has an Audio Dashboard, with associated audio summaries.