Google brings text selection and image search feature to Now on Tap

Google introduced Now on Tap feature with Android 6.0 Marshmallow last year that offers contextual information around what’s on the screen by long pressing the home button without leaving the currently accessing app. Irrespective of the app currently opened, the feature scans the text and provides information about the same.

With a recent update, users will be able to search for information on a selection of exact phrase or text and even throws information about photos on the screen. It’s an integration of Google’s search tool that now offers precise info on what you have been looking for, and it is not the way it was before.

Google says the new update to Now on Tap is ‘available everywhere’ though notes that word definitions will be currently available in English only. It says other languages will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

With images, the feature tells you the location seen in the images and offers other details too. It works across all the apps, including Facebook, Twitter and so on. Google puts it in a simple way, if a user stands in front of the famous structure and opens up the camera app, touch and holds the home button, Now on Tap will offer info card about the structure alongside deep links to relevant apps.