Google Fiber introduces new plans for small business owners

Google Fiber is well acclaimed for its superfast internet and that wants to make sure that it has plans for all sizes of businesses from small to large clients. Google Fiber now has three more new plans that fit into for all clients ranging from small to big enterprises.

The plans start at $70 for 100 Mbps upload and download speeds at $100 for 250 Mbps and $250 for 1,000 Mbps. They have also increased the number of static IP addresses to 13 that a business can have. Those businesses that are eligible for these plans can sign up for these new plans. If you are not located in the coverage, you may check Google’s list of upcoming Fiber areas to see when it would be arriving at you.

Small business owners in Kansas City, Provo, Austin and Nashville can sign up until July 31st as part of the Early Access program for Google Fiber, and starting on August 1st, they can take advantage of Early Access pricing for a year or one of the new plans available to them.