Google Maps for Android gets Wi-Fi only mode

Google Maps for Android has now started receiving the update tagged v9.32 that brings new features such as Wi-Fi only mode and a new notification for mass transit delays. These features are only available to select users with the latest update, as Google is rolling out gradually staged and it might take a few days before it hits every Android phone.

The Wi-Fi only mode replaces the ‘offline areas’ feature and that restricts data usage by cutting it down from your data network. The new feature can be tweaked via the Settings menu of the Maps app.

Google, however, states in a small pop up that the Maps app may still use a small amount of data during operation. Upon switching the toggle on, a blue bar appears at the top of the screen to inform users that the app is in Wi-Fi only mode.

Google Maps v9.32

The Google Maps app also brings a new feature that pops out notifications for mass transit delays, which will be helpful for general public who frequently travel by bus or train. The same will inform users of disruption alerts in selected services via notifications, provided the same is available in your region.

Google has increased the image quality of its Maps app recently, and that comes from cloud-free imagery—one that showcases clearer views of the earth with greater detail and truer colours.

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