Google’s Motion Stills App Now Allows You to Make Amazing Cinemagraphs and Motion Text

2-min read: With latest Google’s Motion Stills app, you can make mind-blowing Cinemagraphs and Motion Text from Apple Live Photos on the go.

Google Motion Stills App Now Allows You to Make Amazing Cinemagraphs and Motion Text

Google Motion Stills App is a cool and incredible app that instantly converts Live Photos into shareable GIFs or movie files. The app has several features that Appl’e Live Photos never has, which even makes them to a perfect GIF’s by automatically eliminating shakes and you can even share a complete video with sound to your Instagram, which Apple Live Photos doesn’t support.

It is strange to see that this app comes from Google. With lot of features already available in the Motion Stills App, Google has now enhanced the app with new amazing features. Now, you can add motion text to an image which moves along with an image in the photo.

As shown in Google’s illustration, the caption ‘Good Flying’ moves along with the bird seamlessly. Google doesn’t stop with the feature, additionally you can make cinemagraphs with Motion Stills app.

With latest version of Google Motion Stills app, you can create cinemagraphs, which freezes the background and makes the motion of objects in the image. The app uses machine learning to differentiate the background and images in Live Photos and delivers a slick output. It’s incredible too!

Sadly, Google Motion Stills app is available only to iPhone 6S or 7 users, which supports Apple Live Photos. The latest updated version is available for download on App Store.

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