Google Photos for Android Brings New Design to Albums

The latest update to Google Photos for Android, tagged v2.8, makes a lot way easier to view photos on your device. The app’s albums tab has been tweaked for an additional option that lets users easily explore the photos taken with other apps. The device folders inside the app were also redesigned. The new version is now available on Google Play.

Now, you can view the photos in your device with Google Photos in three different ways. The albums tab organizes photos the way easier for you to pitch onto the photo in your phone – first option will allow access to camera roll, the next feature, “Photos on Device” (new option) will let you explore photos taken with other apps and the third shows the original photo albums.

It was hard for one to find the photos taken with other apps as they are stored in the respective apps. To check those photos users have to dig over to the menu and that new features saves that step. The other two options were already there.

Rather than being shown by full-width photos, albums are currently appeared as squares, which gives you a chance to consider twice being numerous on the double. The exploration segment is a great deal more observable, as well. Previously, it was a thin, unimportant bar top of the screen. Presently it’s shown all the more noticeably, and photos are appeared in a framework to represent what you’ll discover subsequent to tapping in.

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