Google has been testing its new weather card for a while, and some users were able to use the revamped weather card in search earlier this month, but now Google has made it official and everyone can expect to get the update very soon.

“An unexpected snow or rainstorm can put a bit of a damper on your day, so to help keep you dry and ready to take on any weather, we’re introducing an upgraded weather experience on Android phones,” said Lea Stolowicz, Product Manager on the company’s Inside Search blog post.

Unlike its previous version, the background of the new weather card will be changed according to the time of the day and weather conditions. Google has brought in a cartoon frog into the app that will experience the weather along with you. Also, the new update brings in a lot of features including hourly forecasts, severe weather alerts, improvised UI, UV index, air quality, extended forecast for next 10 days, and more.

The new weather card will show the weather forecasts in your current location by default, however, you do have an option to add favorite locations by searching for a new location and opting Add. These will appear in the drop down in search. Also, you can use voice command to check conditions in your location. However, Google isn’t telling when the new weather card will be rolled out to everyone.

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